Our Mission Statement:

VotePA is organized to protect the right of every eligible Pennsylvania citizen to vote and to have his or her vote counted accurately in fair and transparent elections. This mission includes study, observation, advocacy, and education about all matters concerning the right to vote in Pennsylvania, with promotion of accessible and verifiable voting systems and voting machines, secure and transparent election practices, open ballot access and voter registration, and appropriate election law.

VotePA's History:

VotePA was founded when long-time pollworker Marybeth Kuznik returned home from participating in Ohio as a Regional Coordinator in the 2004 Recount of the Presidential Election. Doing research into the election in Pennsylvania, she learned that our state had and continues to have a great number of unexplained election anomalies, voting machine failures, and, in the case of 2004, over 10,000 missing votes on electronic voting machines in Mercer, Beaver, and Greene counties. With the Help America Vote Act poised to dump a pot of money into every county for the purchase of electronic voting systems just a year or so in the future, she realized that it was time for citizens to pay attention to Pennsylvania's elections. And thus, in February 2005, VotePA was born.