VotePA's Impact Statement:

VotePA is the only statewide citizens' organization in Pennsylvania specializing in the study and improvement of voting systems and election audits. To many in the state we are known as the “go-to” group when it comes to electronic voting machine issues. Alone and in coalition with other state and national partners, VotePA has led the fight against unverifiable paperless electronic voting and dangerous internet voting in Pennsylvania. We do this by working county-by-county and at the state and federal levels for legislation, regulation, and other improvements to our voting systems and election auditing.

We also support fair ballot access and are opposed to voter intimidation, disenfranchisement or anything else that would interfere with the free and equal elections required under Article 1, Section 5 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.


VotePA's Purpose (from Bylaws)

VotePA is an acronym standing for “Voters for Open and Transparent Elections in Pennsylvania,” a statement reflecting the Corporation’s mission and purpose.

The VotePA is organized to protect the right of every eligible Pennsylvania citizen to vote and have his or her vote counted accurately in fair, open and transparent elections. This mission shall include study, observation, advocacy, and education of the public about all matters concerning the right to vote in Pennsylvania, including but not limited to the following activities:

A.) Education of the public and officials about the need for accessible and verifiable voting systems, voter-verified paper ballots, meaningful audits of elections, secure and transparent election practices open to public observation, open ballot access and voter registration procedures, and appropriate election law.

B.) Helping citizens to understand and protect their voting rights.

C.) Observing and studying the testing and selection of voting systems, and observing other electoral processes, including the detection, investigation, prevention, and prosecution of election frauds.

D.) Working with election officials and others, including public citizens, to ensure fair, open, and accurate elections, to develop the best possible electoral practices, and to encourage increased participation by citizens in their elections as pollworkers and observers.

E.) Advocating for improvements in election laws.