Who We Are

VotePA is a nonpartisan organization of approximately 1000 members statewide, all united by their belief in fair and accurate elections for every Pennsylvanian. We have concerned voters in counties all over the state working to improve our elections, with organized county affiliate organizations in several areas.

We care about all forms of voting rights and election integrity but our area of specialty is the study of electronic voting machines and voting systems. If votes are not counted accurately, either through fraud or even through simple malfunction of voting systems, our democracy is in real peril. For this reason, VotePA supports voting methods that are transparent and verifiable at all times. We urge the use of systems that employ voter-marked and verified paper ballots, with meaningful audits of all elections to limit risk.

The original VotePA is incorporated in Pennsylvania with a 501(c)(4) determination from the IRS; since 2005 we have been doing work that includes lobbying for improvement in Pennsylvania’s election laws. We also urge our members to work for better elections by becoming involved in the political process through the political party (or non-party) of their choice.

In 2013, the VotePA Education Fund was started to conduct nonpartisan voter education and research under a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor. Donations to the VotePA Education Fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

All the VotePA organizations enjoy participation and advice from a great number of university-related PhD computer scientists, elected public officials, working election officials, and regular citizens. Please join us!