Get Help With Voting

Report Problems With Voting Machines

If you learn of a problem with a voting machine, please report it to our VotePA Hotline at 717-884-VOTE (717-884-8683.) Or send an email to 

Get Help With Other Election Problems & Questions

You can contact your County Election Office through links on THIS PAGE for information about local elections, running for local office, etc.

You can reach the PA Department of State's Bureau of Elections HERE for information on statewide elections, running for state office, campaign finance, voting system testing, and more.

Register to Vote

You can get information on how to register to vote HERE.

FInd Your Polling Place

Already Registered? Check Your Registration and Find Your Polling Place here.

More Things to Do

You can find information about some of Pennsylvania's Political Parties here (in alphabetical order):

Democratic Party
Green Party
Libertarian Party
Republican Party

Other parties may be available; contact the PA Department of State or your County Election Office for more information.