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Join a Local Group

VotePA is affiliated with local groups in Allegheny County, Centre County, Montgomery County, and more. If you live near these areas, contact us to get in touch with these groups and join!

If there is no local voting rights group in your area, why not start one! VotePA will be glad to help, just contact us.

Become a County Captain

Every county should have a "go-to" person to organize events, help coordinate activities with other counties and VotePA's state group, as well as to report election day problems.

Would YOU be willing to step up and do that in YOUR county? Contact VotePA for details!

(With just a few hours of effort, you will be a hero for fair and accurate elections)

Be A Pollworker

With over 9200 polling places in the state, there are thousands of Judges of Election, Inspectors, and Clerks all of whom make our elections possible.

But pretty much every county needs some new pollworkers every year to serve inside the polls on Election Day. 

These jobs offer a great way to observe what is happening with our voting machines and with elections in general. And you even get PAID!

Contact VotePA for more information, and watch for our "Pollworkers for Pennsylvania" project soon!

More Things To Do

Everyone belongs to a club, church, political party, or other organization. Why not contact the groups you belong to and schedule VotePA as a program at one of your meetings. We offer nonpartisan presentation and tons of information on how to protect our elections, all we need is a place to present it and groups to present it to. Contact VotePA if you can help us find some meetings where we can go and speak.

Be sure that you are a member of VotePA's eNewsletter list, and of our working email group. You keep informed on new developments that affect our elections, with suggestions as to how you can help fight to keep things fair and accurate.

Take part in our letter and email writing campaigns, lobby days, capitol rallies, press conferences, and whatever else you can.

And.... VOTE! Every time, every election.