kathydoppmeeting3.jpgJune 6-7 -- Kathy Dopp, the Founder and President of US Count Votes, an organization formed to investigate the accuracy of our elections ( spoke this week in the Shadyside area of Pittsburgh and in Penn Township, Westmoreland County. Voters from at least four political parties attended the two sessions, including several committee chairs and elected officials.

Kathy Dopp is an independent mathematician who has done ground-breaking work on the 2004 election "discrepancies" and the problems and irregularities associated with electronic voting machines. Her team discovered alarming abnormalities and statistical impossibilities in the election results. Working with a team of respected mathematicians and statisticians she published several papers, including an Analysis of the 2004 Presidential Election Exit Poll Discrepancies.

She also founded the National Election Data Archive Project, which is a volunteer scientific research project to create and analyze - for the first time ever - a database containing precinct-level election results for the entire United States.

kathymeeting2.jpgIn addition to speaking about her group's work in analyzing the 2004 Election, Kathy Dopp's message was on how citizens and communities can work toward getting auditable, open elections in the future. Ms. Dopp noted that if Pennsylvania were to begin posting and providing its Election Data from every county, broken down by vote type and precinct, it would lead the nation in helping to analyze elections to make sure that the will of the people is being correctly represented when elected candidates are sworn into office. She also pointed out that Pennsylvania counties will soon be purchasing new voting equipment with money furnished by the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and it is important that each voting machine produce a voter-verified paper ballot that can be counted, recounted, and audited by our regular election officials, without the aid of paid "geek" computer technicians. Voters were urged to contact their county election board and request that only machines be purchased which produce a voter-verified paper ballot that can be hand counted.

Kathy Dopp's presentations in Western Pennsylvania were coordinated by Janis Williams, a volunteer activist in the Pittsburgh area, and Marybeth Kuznik, founder of the independent voting rights and election reform group VotePA ( Ms. Kuznik also serves as an Inspector of Elections in Penn Township Ward 4, Precinct 2 in Westmoreland County.


Penn Township Ward 4, Precinct 2 Pollworkers with Kathy Dopp (l to r) Merle Kuznik, Kathy, Dorothy Cook, MaryBeth Kuznik, & Clare Vaill



Below, are more attendees at the Penn Township meeting